Nano Towels

Nano Towels

Nano Towels are made of nanofibers, which are 100 times finer than human hair. They are engineered to be effective in cleaning surfaces without the need for any cleaning solutions or chemicals. The unique properties of Nano Towels make them a game-changer in the cleaning industry.

What is Nano Towels ?

Nano Towels are a type of paper towel that are designed to be a more eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional paper towels. Unlike regular paper towels, which are typically made from wood pulp and are only meant to be used once before being discarded, Nano Towels are made from a special type of microfiber material that is designed to be more absorbent and durable.

Because of their unique composition, Nano Towels can be used multiple times before needing to be washed, which means that they can help to reduce waste and save money over time. Additionally, because they are made from a synthetic material rather than wood pulp, they are more resistant to bacteria and can be easily cleaned and sanitized.

Overall, Nano Towels are a versatile and environmentally-friendly option for cleaning and wiping up spills, and they can be used in a variety of settings, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the workplace.

Why Use Nano Towels?

  1. More Efficient: Nano Towels are designed to pick up dirt and grime like a magnet. They have an intricate weave that traps dirt and dust particles, leaving surfaces clean and spotless. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, which can spread dirt and bacteria around, Nano Towels pick up and hold onto dirt and grime, making cleaning more efficient.
  2. Simpler: Nano Towels for cleaning is simpler than traditional cleaning methods. There is no need to mix cleaning solutions, measure out chemicals, or worry about getting the right amount of cleaning solution. All you need is a Nano Towel and water, and you're good to go. It's a simple, hassle-free way to clean.
  3. Cost & Time Saving: Using Nano Towels for cleaning can save you both time and money. You no longer need to buy expensive cleaning solutions or chemicals, which can add up over time. Nano Towels are also reusable, so you don't have to keep buying new towels. Plus, because they are so efficient, you can clean surfaces in less time, freeing up time for other activities.
  4. Safer: Cleaning with Nano Towels is safer than using traditional cleaning methods. Traditional cleaning solutions and chemicals can be harmful to your health and the environment. With Nano Towels, you don't have to worry about exposing yourself, your family, or your pets to harmful chemicals. Plus, because they only require water, there is no risk of accidentally mixing the wrong chemicals.

How NanoTowels Work to Replace Cleaning Chemicals at Home

Nano Towels are an eco-friendly alternative to cleaning chemicals that can be used for multiple cleaning purposes. By using Nano Towels®, you can reduce the amount of money spent on cleaning chemicals and paper towels, while also making your home more green and child and pet-friendly. Here are some common questions and answers about Nano Towels:

How do Nano Towels replace cleaning chemicals?
Nano Towels work by using two towels, one wet and one dry, for cleaning various surfaces. For instance, if you want to clean glass without using glass cleaner, you can use a damp NanoTowel to scrub it, and then use a dry one to wipe it down for streak-free glass. Nano Towels can also be used for dusting, washing countertops, floors, bathrooms, and even cars. They are very soft and absorbent, and will not scratch the clear coat of your car.

Won't the Nano Towels get dirty after cleaning?
Yes, they will. However, unlike paper towels, you can wash and reuse Nano Towels® many times. Just hand wash them in warm water or put them in the washing machine with your normal colors. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as these can damage the unique cleaning characteristics of Nano Towels.

Can Nano Towels kill bacteria?
Nano Towels do not have disinfectant properties. They can only disinfect as much as regular hot water and cleaning can. Using hot water is an all-natural way to clean and disinfect surfaces, and a straight 5% solution of white vinegar has been proven to kill 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of germs. Therefore, keeping a spray bottle of diluted white vinegar handy can help you disinfect surfaces without using harmful chemicals.

Can I still use cleaning chemicals with Nano Towels?
Yes, you can. However, keep in mind that many household chemicals are toxic to the environment and health. With Nano Towels, you can clean most surfaces with just water, which can help you avoid using chemicals altogether. In case you need to use chemicals, try

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Our Happy Customers: Nano Towels Success Stories

Are you tired of using harsh chemicals to clean surfaces in your home? Nano Towels might be the solution you need. Check out the reviews of more than 1,000 satisfied customers and see for yourself!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ You will truly be amazed at how clean the surface is

Deb D. was skeptical at first but was truly amazed by how clean her shower doors were after using Nano Towels. "These towels really do clean remarkably well with no chemicals," she said. Karen Brunsting also shared her positive experience, saying, "The Nano towel works wonderful! I can clean the doors to a clean, clear shine. The towel also takes all the water spots off the chrome too."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Believe the hype. These things are awesome!

J. Pelath had been using other microfiber towels for years, but was impressed by the cleaning power of Nano Towels. "The towels really do a good job...much better than some other 'typical microfiber' towels that we have used in the past," he said. Spence even went as far as calling Nano Towels the "BEST cleaning towels ever," adding, "I recommend these to all my friends now and will buy more as gifts."

These are just a few of the many positive reviews that Nano Towels have received. With their unique design and high-quality materials, Nano Towels offer an effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning methods. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to clean and sparkling surfaces with Nano Towels.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ These really work, and they are much better than the microfiber towels I have.

"I absolutely love these Nano Towels! I have a large glass sliding door in my living room and have tried various methods to clean it. I even used a professional window washing kit, but found that I needed to change the water frequently to get all the glass clean. When I saw the ads for Nano Towels, I thought I'd give them a try.

I already had a natural window cleaner from Shaklee that worked well, but it required a dry wipe after spraying and wiping off the moisture. Regular microfiber towels didn't do a great job with the glass, so I was eager to see how the Nano Towels would perform.

I was blown away by how well they worked! I brought all four towels with me and thought I'd need to use one towel per pane of glass. However, I was able to clean both sides of the sliding door with just two towels. The glass was caked with mud and dirt, but the Nano Towels wiped it all away without leaving streaks or smudges.

My wife even noticed the difference when she came home. I'm excited to try these towels on my Rubbermaid mop next and see how they perform. I usually use warm water and the mop's pads to clean my floors, but I think the Nano Towels might work even better.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ These towels cut my cleaning time to less than half.

I am absolutely in love with these cleaning towels! I have tried using microfiber cleaning cloths before, but they just don't compare to how well these towels clean. When I received them, I couldn't wait to try them out on some of the toughest surfaces in my home. We have a lot of glass tops, large mirrors, sliding glass doors, and even a stainless steel refrigerator. No matter what cleaner or cleaning towel I used in the past, I could never seem to get any of these surfaces completely streak-free.

But when I wiped over my stainless steel fridge with these towels, in less than 5 minutes it was clean and looked brand new. I then moved on to the sliding glass doors in the kitchen. I used a cleaner to get off the first layer of dirt and dried dog slime, and then used nothing but water with the Nano Towels to go over the door. The result was amazing - it was clean and streak-free. I then tried it on the extra-large mirror in the bathroom and it was gleaming with no streaks. Even the large glass top on my coffee table, which is a dust magnet, was left clean and streak-free with just a couple of wipes.

One thing I noticed was that when I first went over the glass with water using this towel, it looked wet and I expected water marks. But surprisingly, they dried with no marks or streaks at all. The other thing I noticed was that these towels do not collect dust as they did before. Usually, I would clean an area and the next day, I could see evidence of dust. But this has not been the case with these towels. And considering that I have 8 parrots that spend time in the same room as the glass top coffee table, I find this amazing. These towels not only clean better, but the surfaces I clean with them don't attract dust as they do with commercial cleaners.

Nano Towels Benefits

  1. Environmentally friendly: Using Nano Towels with only water eliminates the need for chemical cleaners that can harm the environment.
  2. Safe for health: Traditional cleaning products often contain harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation, respiratory issues, and other health problems. Using Nano Towels with only water eliminates exposure to these harmful chemicals.
  3. Saves money: By eliminating the need for chemical cleaners, using Nano Towels with only water can save you money on cleaning supplies over time.
  4. Versatile: Nano Towels can be used to clean a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, wood, plastic, and stainless steel.
  5. Easy to use: Using Nano Towels with only water is a simple and convenient cleaning solution that requires no special skills or equipment.
  6. Durable: Nano Towels are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last for years, making them a cost-effective and sustainable cleaning option.
  7. Non-abrasive: Unlike traditional cleaning methods that may scratch or damage surfaces, using Nano Towels with only water is a gentle and non-abrasive way to clean.

Iron-Clad 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Quietum Plus 60 -Money-back-Guarantee

We are confident that you will love our Nano Towels, which is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. You can try our Nano Towels for a full 60 days, and if you are not completely satisfied, you can return them to us for a quick and friendly refund. We believe in making things easy for our customers, so there will be no fuss, no hard feelings, and no questions asked.

We are also proud to offer an unprecedented 1-year manufacturing warranty for each Nano Towel. We stand behind the quality of our product, and if you experience any issues or defects within the first year of use, we will happily replace it for you. With our money-back guarantee and manufacturing warranty, you can purchase our Nano Towels with confidence, knowing that we are committed to your satisfaction.


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NanoTowels FAQs?

Can I use cleaning chemicals with the NanoTowels?
Yes, you can, but keep in mind that many household chemicals can be toxic to both the environment and health. Limit the amount and frequency of use and consider non-toxic alternatives like white vinegar and baking soda.

Will the surfaces I clean have a perfumey scent with the NanoTowels?
No, the NanoTowels do not add any scent. Clean surfaces have no smell, and most scents in cleaning chemicals are overkill and harmful to health, especially for children and pets.

How long will my NanoTowels last?

NanoTowels should last 2-3 years or 300-400 uses, and come with a 1-year warranty.

What is the warranty and risk-free trial about?

We offer a 1-year warranty and a risk-free trial because we believe in our product and want to give customers the chance to compare it to their favorite household cleaners and paper towels without any risk.

What benefits can I expect with the NanoTowels?

You can expect benefits like reducing chemical use, saving money, saving time, making your home more eco-friendly and child/pet-friendly, and reducing your exposure to harmful toxins that can cause skin problems and respiratory issues.

Can the Nano Towels be used for commercial purposes?
Yes, NanoTowels can be used in industrial applications like hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, schools, and military settings, as well as for cleaning vehicles like cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and buses.

Is Nano Towels the same as microfiber towels?
No, NanoTowels are not made from microfiber and have nothing to do with it. Nanolon fiber is a new, next-generation fabric technology that outperforms microfiber and has unique properties that set it apart.